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Lawrence Lane was brought on-board to help launch a capital stewardship campaign for Community Fellowship Church. After the campaign branding was developed the inspiration for accompanying elements came about.


The name Onward, along with a three tier platform helped set the theme for logo design, print and video productions. This also provided the church a successful three-week launch period for the campaign.

UPDATE: As of June 2022, Community Fellowship Church has paid off their outstanding debts. Faithfulness in giving as well as the Onward campaign have been attributed to their success.


From the humble beginnings of a dream and a quickly assembled event in 2014, to a now yearly gathering: What's Your Story Women's Conference has been able to make an impact for the better on the lives of women all over northeast Arkansas. Since 2015 the base name has stayed the same yet theme has changed. Along with plans to continue as a yearly event a strict set of guide lines were put in place to maintain the identity of the event.


Beyond design and branding Lawrence Lane has managed all marketing strategies for the yearly event, social media presence on multiple platforms and produced many original short story skit videos. With each year custom collateral has been created along with multiple print pieces such as flyers, posters, tickets, event programs, signage and t-shirt design. This all hands on deck project with the event's team has always been a welcomed growth experience in the full spectrum of services we offer.


Logo design is not be taken lightly. Any images utilized to describe what a company or brand is should never take away from or add more to the services that are offered.

High Note Instrument Repair LLC, simply states what the company is all about in their name. The final logo design played on the business name without being too preposterous. This tasteful look translated seamlessly into the business card layout and additional screen printings. 


Based in Arkansas, Open Hearts Ministries is grounded in the gospel of Jesus Christ with a reach that spans currently to 4 countries and is continuing to expand. The opportunity to work with this team is a blessing and humbling. We met the executive director on the mission field years back. So when asked to join the answer was a definite “yes,” for our hearts already had the same call in common. While the staff is overall volunteer, OHM did not want to appear as a volunteer ran organization with a confused presentation or inconsistent messages. 


First thing was to establish clean branding plan that lined up with the OHM vision, purpose and mission. The was logo cleaned up, along with the ministry slogan look for artwork. The entire team was coached on the guidelines from how and how not to utilize the logo assets, to the importance of sticking to the chosen font families for the brand. Several print items have been designed like an informational brochure, child/staff sponsorship cards, internship packages, letterheads and business cards. A unique ministry branded fundraising banquet was established that can be held anywhere by any volunteer across the country. The elements to hold an Outspoken event are set for the location and contact information to be plugged in for any future dates. Lawrence Lane is also the primary director of photography and videography for OHM.


With partnerships in Nicaragua, India, Kenya and the states Open Hearts Ministries is making a big impact for the kingdom of God. Please look into what they are doing and if you can help at 

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